Jan. 21st, 2009

raefinlay: (Barack and Michelle)
I am home sick with a massive headache and sore throat, which I'm not convinced is entirely due to sickness so much as the hellish Ohio dryness and general lack of sleep. So I have the humidifier at full blast (a cute blue penguin thing. Srsly) and we'll see how that does.

Anyway, I am useless for anything but random, stream-of-consciousy things, and I keep going back to the inaug, which makes me happy.

First, I've heard from several fronts that Obama wrote that speech himself. Any confirmers? If so, wow. A president who can not only deliver a stirring speech but has the brain cells to write one of that caliber? It's like he thinks the office of the President should be filled by an intellectual or something. Weird. President Obama, President Obama, President Obama...nope, that's never getting old.

Aretha...not what you used to be dear, but I will always love you and your current 4 note range. I especially love your hat. I'm sure your personal assistant and your Bedazzler are now BFF's.

Obscure (to me) poet-person...WTF? I reeeeally don't get modern poetry. *sigh*

Rick Warren...we are not stoopid. We know that your prayer was a pretense, a "preach-prayer" so to speak, intended for your mortal audience, not God himself. I hoped for better from you.

Michelle O, soopah model, WORK!

And now I embark upon Mission Tylenol.


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