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Feb. 4th, 2009 11:35 pm
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The gorgeous and talented  [ profile] ccfinlay  has cool news here.

In a nutshell, Del Rey had this crazy idea about consumer choice.

I know you've been there, at the local Barnes and Noble, checking out the merchandise, baybee, looking for a date for the evening. Sometimes, you're in the mood for a casual fling with a James Patterson-esque thing with sleek lines and swanky, artificially enhanced lettering. She'll be intense and quick, she'll go well with a glass (or two) of wine, she'll be easy to forget in the morning.

But sometimes...sometimes, in the overwhelming crowd of glossy covers and titillating blurbs, your gaze is caught, as if by magic. The ringing of cash registers and espresso machines fades away, a choir of angels sings Hallelujah, and the flourescents focus on her, The One. You know that this book is different. This one is beautiful but not overstated. She has substance. Layers. And you know in your soul that the two of you are destined to have a relationship.

So you shell out $7.99, take her home, and get about 2 chapters in before you realize you've made a terrible mistake.


So Del Rey and Charlie together decided that readers ought to be able to try before they buy. (And here endeth the metaphor, because EW.) The first book from Charlie's new series is called The Patriot Witch. It's about witches fighting for the patriot cause during the American Revolution, and it is now available for FREE as a .pdf download here.

If you like it, you may buy it when it comes out in April.  If you don't, you've lost nothing.  I call that a sure thing.
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